Aquaculture Oyster Store
The Ward Oyster online store is pretty simple. We've got one product and one product only, our great quality, homegrown aquaculture oysters from our very own Ware River. You have the hard part... deciding how many! Please choose a quantity below to go to our checkout page, there you can place your order for your very own aquaculture oysters.

Shipping FAQ's


What days do you ship?

Our shipping days for online orders are from M - Th. Orders recieved by 10am should be delivered the next day. Orders recieved on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped Monday and should be delivered by Tuesday.


How much is shipping?

We are charged by the pound, this can cause high shipping prices if you are not in a close shipping zone. If you would like to know what your shipping cost would be, please see our shipping calculator on the right side of this page and enter in your zip code and select the quantity of oysters you would like.



What if I live close by?

If you live in the area and would like to pick up your oysters in person, you will save money on shipping and packaging fees. For more information on this contact us.



Am I guaranteed to get it next day?

Next day delivery is not possible in some areas, even overnight depending on your location. Some deliveries will take two days, please plan accordingly.