Aquaculture Oysters - From Start to Finish (Video)

Below is the script for the video above.

For this step the oysters are in a floating system because the pump that is utilized is a high volume, low head pump.

The oysters in my hand are from the 3rd step of our process. This is the floating upweller system or FLUPSY. These animals here will be grown until they exceed a half inch.

The barge is returning with a typical load of market oysters from the oyster grow-out area.

These oysters will then be unloaded and run through the cleaning and grading process.

This is the final stage of the oyster grow-out where we unload our oyster cages and run them through a washer/grader. The oysters are graded according to size and the shell and other debris is removed.

Before our market oysters are boxed for shipment, they are washed with salt water to ensure the cleanliness our customers require.

The final step before going in the box, is for our oysters to be dipped in a briny ice bath to reduce the temperature before boxing.

The boxed oysters are palletized and placed in a cooler until they are shipped to market.

Our harvesting practices help to maintain and increase the biodiversity and health of our waterways. Mobjack Bay Seafood which distributes many of the oysters grown by Ward Oyster Company is a family owned business which raises a sustainable seafood in the pristine waters along the Chesapeake Bay in Gloucester, VA.

Both Mobjack Bay Seafood and Ward Oyster Company take great pride in providing the freshest and best quality seafood to our customers.