Ward Oyster Company - Aquaculture Oyster Farm - Gloucester Virginia


https://youtu.be/zPHw3J3zwNI Our Aquaculture Oyster Farm Aquaculture oysters go through many steps before they can make it to the plate. Please take a look below at the various steps it takes to grow some of the best aquaculture oysters around. Growing oysters is a multi-step process which requires a lot of handling and labor. It all […]

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Eye Larvae & Oyster Seed - Ward Oyster Company - Gloucester VA


Hatchery Products The Ward Oyster Hatchery – (one of the largest oyster farms in Virginia) is located in Gloucester Virginia¬† and offers two products for sale: 1) eyed larvae for remote setting/spat on shell operations and 2) oyster seed set on finely ground cultch resulting in “singles” for the half-shell market. We strive to provide […]

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Ward Oyster - Aquaculture Oysters - Gloucester Virginia


Who is Ward Oyster Company Ward Oyster Co. is one of the largest cage oyster farms on the East Coast of the USA, distributing their fresh, quality oysters all over the continental United States. Ward Oyster Co. has about 20 to 30 million oysters placed in cages near the mouth of the Ware River (our […]

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Questions About One The Largest Oyster Farms in Virginia