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Hatchery Products

The Ward Oyster Hatchery - (one of the largest oyster farms in Virginia) is located in Gloucester Virginia  and offers two products for sale: 1) eyed larvae for remote setting/spat on shell operations and 2) oyster seed set on finely ground cultch resulting in "singles" for the half-shell market. We strive to provide the best product available: we ensure our quality eyed larvae are competent and ready to set by harvesting multiple times from each batch and finely grading during each take-down cycle. We have historically produced high-performing larvae during the entire growing season; customers report excellent setting rates throughout the Spring and Summer.


We offer customers a selection of broodstock to suit the needs of any particular grow-out site.

VIMS Disease Resistant Selected Lines

Debys- An excellent, proven all around performer, good across a range of salinities
Lolas- Selected for fast growth in low-salinities.
Cross Breeds- (XB) Good all around oyster, seems to do better in higher salinities

Wild Stock

Ware River- Wild oysters from the Ware River, a tributary of Mobjack Bay. These oysters have a degree of disease resistance, robust shell growth, and favor moderate salinities.

Custom Spawns

In the past we have partnered with a variety of non-profit environmental groups to provide wild diploid larvae spawned specifically for oyster restoration efforts. These spawns generally consist of wild oysters harvested from the body of water being restored. Contact us if this is something your organization is interested in! A 25% conditioning fee will apply. For commercial growers, we recommend triploids due to their significantly faster growth.


Minimum order of $1,000

For orders under $1000.00 or the smaller orders for gardeners or small dockside growers please patronize one of our larger customers Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats at www.oystergardening.com

Ward Oyster Price List
For more pricing information, call John Vigliotta at 804-693-0044 (office) or 804-694-7685 (cell) or Chris Smith at 609-647-8389.

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